Josef is a qualified journeyman from the Carpenter and Cabinetmakers Master School HWK in Germany. It’s not only the extensive training and experience that Josef brings to his carpentry, it’s his personal commitment and uncompromising dedication to making things the right way. If it’s made of wood, Josef Loferer can design it, build it, carve it, or fix it. Things fit perfectly, work perfectly and look great. Josef never cuts corners unless they are part of the design.

JOSEF LOFERER, 20 years experience as a Master Carpenter

Josef grew up in Sufferloh, a little village in the heart of Bavaria, South Germany. At the age of 14, he walked away from the traditional path set out before him at his family’s dairy farm. He loved the farm but he loved working with wood more. Josef had already been designing and building things. He wanted to try his hand as a carpenter and pursue his dream of becoming a master carpenter — a lofty goal in a country where the standards are among the highest in the world. 

His instincts and passion for the craft earned him an apprenticeship with the reputable Isartaler Holzhaus, an established builder of quality wood homes, well-known for attracting the best craftsmen from architects to carpenters. During his 32 years there, Josef worked his way up from apprentice to Master Carpenter to the Head of Carpentry. 

In December 2012,  he followed his heart yet again, when he and his wife Claudia moved to Nova Scotia, Canada. In April 2014,  Josef started his own carpentry business, another dream come true for him. Known as  “Painted Sky Carpentry” his business is named after the stunning sunsets that paint the sky at his home and workshop near Bridgewater.

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